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What do you supply?

We supply re-manufactured engines for most 4x4, SUV & passenger vehicles. These are bare-long engines re-manufactured to new specifications or better. We can supply a fuelled motor (diesel) with injectors and fuel pump.

We can also supply used complete engines.

What is an Exchange Engine?

All our engines, are supplied on an exchange basis. Whatever we  send to you, we require the equivalent old parts back when the job is completed.

What is a core charge?

All engines supplied on an exchange  basis are subject to a core charge. When you pay for an engine it includes a refundable amount against the return of the old engine and the freight stand/pallet we supply it with. All returned cores are assessed for useable components and the refund is made.

How long do I have to return the core engine?

We mostly reqire the core returned within 2-3 weeks of you recieving your engine. The quicker the better, especially for your core charge refund. If you need longer we are always happy to discuss extra time.

Do I have to have a licensed mechanic?

Yes, we require a qualified mechanic to fit the engine. A diesel must be fitted by a qualified diesel mechanic.

What else will I need?

We will advise the customer and the mechanic on the requirements to maintain our warranty. Each engine is different and our experience allows us to suggest specific requirements or recommendations for each type of engine.

What warranty is there?

Our re-manufactured engines have 12 months parts warranty and 12 months labour cover and unlimited kilometres. The warranty is Australia wide. Parts warranty means in the event of a fault we are responsible for we will supply any parts required at our cost. Labour warranty means in the event of a fault we are responsible for we will pay the cost of rectification labour.

Our used engines have 6 months parts warranty and 3 months labour cover.

How do I know the engine is good?

We supply engines that have been re-manufactured to new as new specifications or better. We only use OEM or better components and our expertise over 40 years allows us to overcome any known faults in OEM design or components.

For an exact list of the parts and machining carried out, please contact us.

Where can you freight to?

We will freight anywhere in Australia. Overseas freight is possible dependent on core return.

What happens if there is a problem?

Any issues need to be reported to Red Hill Engine Centre immediately. We will assess the problem and advise the best course of action immediately. We always work with the mechanic and owner involved for the best and fastest outcome. We will try to solve any issues on site and rarely need to move the vehicle.

Can I boost or upgrade the engine?

We can build engines to boosted specifications, with additional warranty requirements to maintain the same warranty period. If a standard engine is boosted or enhanced without reference to Red Hill Engine Centre the warranty will be void. Engines used in performance or race applications must have a negotiated warranty with Red Hill Engine Centre.

Our staff are happy to answer any questions you have.

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